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A year ago, my mom was suddenly and unexpectedly put in the hospital after returning from her yearly vacation to Florida. Marcia and her staff at Senior Homecare By Angels were readily available to assist us when my mom was able to come back home. Needing 24-hour coverage and extra care, all while living out in the country, seemed an impossible task for anyone to undertake. However, Marcia and her team of Angels were ready and willing. Dependable, reliable and caring are just a few of the many adjectives I could use to describe the employees and management I dealt with throughout the many months of service we required. Throughout the times of needing extra help to less help, holidays and especially bad weather, the care provided was unconditional and an extreme relief to our entire family. As my mom became better and her health improved, the same level of homecare was no longer needed. Yet, whenever I need just a day here or there covered, the Angels are still able to assist us as if nothing has changed. Such compassionate and accommodating service has helped us through one of the most difficult times in our lives and I truly feel as though Marcia and the Angels have been a godsend.

Thank you for EVERYTHING.... couldn't have done it without you.

Robin W., Rockwood

After being the sole caregiver for my elderly parents it was a blessing to find Senior Homecare by Angels. Their care and attention in helping my parents was outstanding. To be able to get away and be secure in the knowledge that all was well at home really helped.

Helen G., Rockwood


Please read what our present and past clients have to say about us.

When my dear friend and neighbour required support to remain safely and happily in her own home, her daughter and I wondered how we could ever make this wish come true. Enter...Senior Homecare by Angels. Our angels brought their professional skills, wrapped in a package of kindness, compassion, patience, flexibility and dedication. While in their care I felt we were the only twosome in the world who mattered to them! I watched my friend's eyes twinkle as she welcomed them into her home; I listened to her shared laughter from down the hall; I saw the joy on her face as she walked in the sunshine and cold with them; I enjoyed the easy conversation as they shared small household activities together. 'Our angels' shared their gifts and talents with us! They shared themselves! And when my friend's needs changed 'our angels' were with us to assist during a difficult and challenging transition time.

I was not a member of the immediate family but I was a friend. And when life handed my dear friend major changes, I needed support too. 'Our angels' recognized my needs and lent me their strong shoulders, their listening ears and their practical advice. When you feel you need an angel is there.

Marta H., Korea

We are so happy we found Senior Homecare by Angels. The services provided are perfect for our parents. Your reliability, responsiveness and understanding have been a great relief since we live in Toronto and can't visit them as often as we'd like.

Charles G., Toronto

North Bay is a long way from Cambridge when you are an only child and your father is in a state of decline. When a parent is in a retirement home, they are responsible for their own transportation to medical appointments. My father had to have emergency blood transfusions. Usually there was only a couple of hour's notice that he had to be at the hospital for blood tests, and then the next day he would be six hours or more getting the transfusion. The hospital required that a person getting a blood transfusion be accompanied for the duration of the process by a caregiver. Even if I had wanted to, it was impossible to travel the distance to be at the hospital in time. Then a wonderful seniors care group came to my aid. I was able to contact Marcia at Senior Homecare by Angels and have them look after the process. Caregivers were carefully chosen to be compatible with my father. They accompanied him to the hospital, kept him entertained and then saw that he was delivered safely back to the retirement home. Two people were present while he was in the car. They made him so comfortable, keeping him supplied in Tim Horton's coffee and reading the paper to him. When he was moved to a nursing home facility, again with very short notice, they helped pack his things and move him with minimal disruption.



The name Angels was well chosen, for to me they were angels who made my father's life more comfortable. It was amazing how hard they tried to make good things happen with very short notice.

Brenda, North Bay

Senior Homecare by Angels provides a service that gives me piece of mind when I am away from my parents. The staff are very courteous, respectful and always eager to help where it is required.

Jessica G., Guelph

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