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Holiday Health Check In

Going home to for the holidays is a time for togetherness and love, however it is also a time where you can observe your parents physical and mental health. It is a great time to determine if they’re doing well in their home, or if assistance is needed.

Some things to look out for:

-A change in your parent’s mobility. Take notice if your parent is having a hard time doing things that were once easy for them, or if they are complaining of pain when doing certain chores.

-If your parent drives, take notice of their car. Are there any new dents on it?

-Stacks of unpaid bills

-Frequent confusion or memory loss

-Check the fridge; if there is very little food or a lot of spoiled food, it may be time to have a talk about having a caregiver get groceries/prepare meals for them

-Changes in mood and personality

Although you probably don’t want to talk about your concerns during the holidays, it is best to start investigating if you have cause for concern. After the holidays, speak with your siblings if you have any to see if they have noticed any changes as well. Come up with a game plan on how to approach your parents about your concerns. If they’re open to speaking about the possibility of assistance, our agency is happy to come into their home to give them more information on how we can help. Whether it is bathing/grooming assistance, housekeeping, grocery shopping and meal preparation, as well as much more, we are here to make their lives, as well as yours, easier.

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