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Sharing Stories Around the Fire

Joseph Schneider Haus Museum, in partnership with Region of Waterloo Seniors' Services, received a small provincial grant for a hands-on program that aims to help seniors living with dementia remember the past. Whether it's picking vegetables, or doing some baking and preserving, the goal is to stir up familiar memories.

The program — called Sharing Stories Around the Fire — got just over $5,000 in funding from a provincial grant program dedicated to supporting seniors. The goal is to draw up memories and get people talking, and similar museum programs show it does just that.

Michael Van Huisseling, education coordinator of the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum, said "Folks with memory challenges, they're finding it a really effective way of helping to stimulate memory,"

What a wonderful program this is in our community! To read the entire article, follow the link below.

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