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Celebrate Father's Day with these activities for Seniors

Whether your Dad enjoys staying in or going out, there are lots of things you can do with him this Sunday to enjoy Father's Day together!

For some outdoor ideas, why not try one of the ideas below:

  • Take a walk through nature – in the park, on a hiking trail, or through the neighborhood.

  • Visit a local museum, photography exhibit, or famous sightseeing spot.

  • Attend a local car show – classic cars, muscle cars, or whatever revs their engine.

If your Dad is more of the stay at home type, maybe he would enjoy one of the following:

  • Bring home a takeout meal from his favorite restaurant.

  • Watch an old favorite movie or a new release they’re sure to enjoy.

  • Play cards or a board game together.

Whatever you end up doing this weekend to celebrate your Father, we hope it's a wonderful and memorable time!

For the complete list of ideas, see the original article here:

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