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How to Stay Sharp!

We all want our minds to be as sharp as possible, and some promising new research indicates that taking the following steps can help our minds stay agile as we age:

-Control cholesterol problems and high blood pressure. These conditions can increase your risk for heart disease and stroke, which is

thought to be linked to the development of certain types of dementia.

-Don't smoke or drink excessively. These are both seen as increased risks to the development of dementia.

-Exercise regularly. Consistent exercise is thought to increase blood flow to the brain, and reduce your risk of high blood pressure, which in turn reduces your risk of dementia.

-Eat a healthy diet. People who consume lots of vegetables and fatty fish, as well as stay away from saturated fats are thought to have a lower risk of cognitive decline.

-Stimulate your brain. Keep your mind active by increasing social interaction, learning new skills, playing challenging games, and doing other activities that engage your mind.

If you would like to read the complete original article about how to stay sharp as seniors, follow this link:

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