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Security in our homes

We should all feel safe in our homes. They should be a safe haven, a refuge. We should still take some precautions to secure our home against intruders. Here are some prevention tips that the Safety Council of Canada gives to seniors, however this is a great idea for everyone, regardless of age;

  • Conduct a security check of your home to determine possible entry points and any weaknesses they may have.

  • Keep all entrances and garages well-lit at night.

  • Do not leave tell-tale signs that you are away.

  • Install good locks and always use them.

  • Install a wide-angle viewer in your front door which allows you to see visiters before you open the door.

  • Never open a door to strangers without credentials.

  • Change your routine often. Burglars often monitor activities in a neighbourhood.

  • Do not keep large amounts of money in your home.

  • Mark valuable items for identification. The Operation Identification program has been developed by police to assist people in marking their property.

  • Keep valuables in a safety deposit box at your bank. If this is not possible, keep them locked up in a reasonable hiding place in your home.

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